Let’s take a dive into dancing psychology. Today we will speak a bit more about the essential components that dancing practice wear brings to the table.

Self Esteem

For women and young ladies, confidence shines through when they love what they see in the mirror. This is just a normal emotional response as females - I know it applies to me for sure. When I like what I wear and I like what I see in the mirror, my dancing gets that much more powerful and confident. Dance wear is a large component to boosting that love for yourself when you see your reflection.

Dancing will improve simply because you automatically go full force knowing that you love and see yourself as a beautiful dancer on the outside - a must needed balance for performers to what is inside themselves. That is why costumes in general for performers of any art are such an important concept in preparation for the act itself, no matter it dancing, singing, acting, theater, etc.

Preparation for Competition

Another reason of importance for wearing practice wear, no matter if it is fringe shorts for Latin or long flowing skirts for Ballroom, is to get accustomed to competitive performance wear. You learn to accommodate the movement of what you wear to benefit you most when you step onto the performance dance floor with your actually competitive costume or dress.

In the same way, wearing your dance shoes holds identical values. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with heel height, adjusting your movement and coordination, and combining these sensations with your practice wear clothing. For example, you have practice time in making sure that clothing does not get caught in your heels and so on. The reason we have practice wear in the first place is a sense of uniformity, professionalism to your craft, in addition to gaining confidence and comfortability for upcoming competitive costumes.

Here at our DanceSport Studio Shop, take a look at our large selection of practice wear for both women and girls and find exactly what you need to boost your confidence and self-esteem as well as feel your most professional self at your next dancing training session.

April 25, 2023